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Speaking about my research at the ESA Annual Conference, Montreal, Aug. 2022


Society of American Foresters Conference, September 19-23, 2022, Baltimore, MD.

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, August 14-19, 2022, Montreal, Quebec.

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Teaching young kids about soil respiration for Dartmouth Science Day (April 8, 2023)


Since the fall of 2022, I have acted as the student coordinator for the Young Voices of Science Program, a free science, semester-long science communication workshop launched by Hubbard Brook Research Foundation for undergraduates and graduates in the environmental sciences. As student coordinator, my tasks range from organizing the guest speakers for our weekly workshops to directly mentoring students on crafting their outreach projects. 


In the fall of 2023, I am serving as the graduate TA for Silviculture at SUNY ESF. In the spring of 2022, I served as an undergraduate teaching assistant (UGTA) for Professor Matt Ayres’ Ecology course, an introductory biology course I took my freshman fall at Dartmouth. As a UGTA for Ecology, I helped facilitate the laboratory section of the course, leading students on field trips to local streams and forests to collect data, giving presentations on how best to formulate a scientific paper, and finally, mentoring students individually on creating research questions and analyzing their data. This experience certainly made me a better scientist myself, and it was incredibly enriching to see students grow as scientists.


I am also serving as a student mentor for Headwaters Science Institute, an organization devoted to empowering high school students with an understanding of the scientific process. I'm currently guiding a high school student named Wyatt through the process of designing and executing a research project to see if heavy metals change with socioeconomic status in Sarasota soils. I’ve also taught hundreds of kids about soil respiration at the Dartmouth Science Day, lobbied Congress on behalf of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and moderated a symposium at Dartmouth on the intersection of art and science.


Attached is an animation I made for fun, teaching people about my research!

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